Liam Forex Indicator

Indicator Liam Forex Package includes two indicators, one for trend identification and the other for trade entry, along with a risk and capital management program.

Trend Identification Indicator

The main problem we face in financial markets is the inability to recognize market trends. If we are aware of the market trend, we can trade in the direction of the trend and achieve higher success rates. This indicator provides you with information about the overall market direction (upward or downward). By using green and red displays, you will be able to easily identify market trends and react to buying or selling signals. Recognizing market trends will prevent us from making trades against the trend, thus enabling us to trade in line with the market trend.

Trade Entry Confirmation Indicator

This indicator provides trade entry signals using arrows displayed upward or downward. When the arrow points upward, it indicates a buy signal, and when it points downward, it indicates a sell signal. However, we must follow the market trend; if our trend, as determined by the Liam Forex Trend Identification Indicator, is upward, we only use buy signals, and if the trend is downward, we use sell signals. In this case, our success rate will be very high. This indicator is not a variable indicator that changes with price movement. Therefore, when it provides trade entry signals, these signals remain constant, and you can confidently enter trades based on them.

Risk and Capital Management Program

The risk and capital management program provided to you is written with a logical and conservative approach. To clarify this concept, we can explain it as follows:
  • Trade Volume: Based on available capital, you determine how much to enter each trade so that your capital is not at risk.
  • Compound Profit: The goal of this program is to increase your profits exponentially over time, so that each week’s profit is greater than the previous week’s. This means that with continued success in trades, your profits will continuously increase.

  • Trade Risk Stability: With this program, the risk of each trade is fixed, meaning the percentage of capital entered into each trade does not change. This ensures that your capital remains under control in all trades.

The Liam Forex Indicator is an effective tool in your success in the Forex and crypto markets. With the use of these indicators and the risk and capital management program, we will assist you in making more accurate trading decisions and achieving better results.